Proposer une réponse en santé mentale et soutien psychosocial aux exilés en contexte de crise. L’expérience de Médecins du Monde en Calaisis (2015-2017)‪

Author(s): Lou EINHORN, Maud RIVIÈRE, Marielle CHAPPUIS, Marie CHEVELLE, Sophie LAURENCE


Santé mentale des exilés en France : entre impuissance et créativité

Author(s): Marie-Caroline SAGLIO-YATZIMIRSKY, Laure WOLMARK

Abstract N/A

When home is gone: An application of the multicultural orientation framework to enhance clinical practice with refugees of forced migration

Author(s): Marie C. ADAMS, D. Martin KIVLIGHAN III


Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Sweden: Challenges in Residential Care and the Role of Professional Social Work

Author(s): Franziska Anna SEIDEL, Sigrid JAMES


Addressing Marginality and Exclusion: The Resettlement Experiences of War-Affected Young People in Quebec, Canada

Author(s): Andie (Saša) BUCCITELLI, Myriam DENOV


Syrian caregivers in perimigration: A systematic review from an ecological systems perspective

Author(s): Elly M. MILES, Angela J. NARAYAN, Sarah E. WATAMURA


Prevention of psychological distress and promotion of resilience amongst unaccompanied refugee minors in resettlement countries

Author(s): Ritu MITRA, Matthew HODES