Alone, but protected? Effects of social support on mental health of unaccompanied refugee minors

Author(s): Susan SIERAU, Esther SCHNEIDER, Yuriy NESTERKO, Heide GLAESMER


Impact of punitive immigration policies, parent-child separation and child detention on the mental health and development of children

Author(s): Laura C. N. WOOD


Trauma-Informed Psychoeducation for Somali Refugee Youth in Urban Kenya: Effects on PTSD and Psychosocial Outcomes

Author(s): Hyojin IM, Jennifer F. JETTNER, Abdilkadir H. WARSAME, Maimuna M. ISSE, Dalia KHOURY, Avina I. ROSS


Use of the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System in the formulation of a case of an adolescent refugee with PTSD

Author(s): Manuela GANDER, Diana DIAMOND, Anna BUCHHEIM, Kathrin SEVECKE


Prevalence of war-related adverse events, depression and anxiety among Syrian refugee children settled in Turkey

Author(s): Hasan KANDEMIR, Hülya KARATAŞ, Veysi ÇERI, Filiz SOLMAZ, Sultan Basmacı KANDEMIR, Abdullah SOLMAZ

Abstract N/A

Comparing factor models of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with Somali refugee youth in Kenya: An item response theory analysis of the PTSD Checklist–Civilian Version

Author(s): Shelby E. MCDONALD, Hyojin IM, Kathy E. GREEN, Claire O’Connor LUCE, Denise BURNETTE


Theoretical Understandings of Unaccompanied Young People Affected by War: Bridging Divides and Embracing Local Ways of Knowing

Author(s): Neil BILOTTA, Myriam DENOV