Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder in a clinical sample of refugees: a network analysis

Author(s): Tobias R. SPILLER, Matthis SCHICK, Ulrich SCHNYDER, Richard A. BRYANT, Angela NICKERSON, Naser MORINA


Revisiting the immigrant paradox: Suicidal ideations and suicide attempts among immigrant and non-immigrant adolescents

Author(s): Alexander T. VAZSONYI, Jakub MIKUŠKA, Zuzana GAŠŠOVÁ


Trajectoires migratoires et expériences de soin en santé mentale

Author(s): Daria ROSTIROLLA

Abstract N/A

Efficient identification of mental health problems in refugees in Germany: the Refugee Health Screener

Author(s): Elisa KALTENBACH, Eva HÄRDTNER, Katharin HERMENAU, Maggie SCHAUER, Thomas ELBERT


Trauma complexe et processus de reconstruction d’un jeune bacha bazi afghan / Trauma and rebuilding process of a young afghan bacha bazi

Author(s): Hugo RUDY


« Mon corps est là, mais pas moi. »Travail clinique autour de l’exil et du deuil traumatique / “My body is there, but not me”. Clinical work around exile and traumatic mourning

Author(s): Juliette LECONTE