Theoretical Understandings of Unaccompanied Young People Affected by War: Bridging Divides and Embracing Local Ways of Knowing

Author(s): Neil BILOTTA, Myriam DENOV


Bibliometrics of Fifty Most-Cited Articles on the Mental Health of Immigrants Living in the United States

Author(s): Mustafa KHOSA, Nizar BHULANI, Ali Ahsan ALI, Jessica SINGH, Faisal KHOSA, Muazzam NASRULLAH


Regime of Truth: Rethinking the Dominance of the Bio-Medical Model in Mental Health Social Work with Refugee Youth

Author(s): Maya FENNIG, Myriam DENOV


Challenges and opportunities in refugee mental health: clinical, service, and research considerations

Author(s): Matthew HODES, Dimitris ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Norbert SKOKAUSKAS

Abstract N/A

Background paper on the needs of migrant, refugee and asylum seeker patients around the globe

Author(s): Meryam SCHOULER-OCAK ; Ronald WINTROB ; Driss MOUSSAOUI ; Sergio J. VILLASENOR BAYARDO ; Xu-Dong ZHAO ; Marianne C. KASTRUP