Background paper on the needs of migrant, refugee and asylum seeker patients around the globe

Author(s): Meryam SCHOULER-OCAK ; Ronald WINTROB ; Driss MOUSSAOUI ; Sergio J. VILLASENOR BAYARDO ; Xu-Dong ZHAO ; Marianne C. KASTRUP


A Framework for Clinical Practice With Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Seekers

Author(s): Edward J. ALESSI ; Sarilee KAHN


Capital social, santé mentale et immigration / Social capital, mental health and migration

Author(s): Andrea TORTELLI ; David SAUZÉ ; Norbert SKURNIK


L’importance de la recherche épidémiologique psychiatrique sur les populations migrantes en France / The importance and the challenges of conducting psychiatric research on migrant populations in France

Author(s): Andrea TORTELLI ; Norbert SKURNIK ; Andrei SZÖKE ; Patrick SIMON


L’incertitude menaçante qui pèse sur les mineurs isolés étrangers : conséquences psychologiques

Author(s): Laure WOESTELANDT, Rahmeth RADJACK, Fatima TOUHAMI, Marie Rose MORO

Abstract N/A

A systematic review of studies with a representative sample of refugees and asylum seekers living in the community for participation in mental health research

Author(s): Joanne C. ENTICOTT ; Frances SHAWYER ; Shiva VASI ; Kimberly BUCK ; I-Hao CHENG ; Grant RUSSELL ; Ritsuko KAKUMA ; Harry MINAS ; Graham MEADOWS