Re-uniting families in the chaos of the refugee crisis: medico-legal assessment of unaccompanied refugee minors in the Calais Jungle (mental health and legal perspectives)

Author(s): Jacob ELLIS ; Susannah FAIRWEATHER ; Mark SCOTT ; Laura GRIFFITHS


Being alone or becoming lonely? The complexity of portraying ‘unaccompanied children’ as being alone in Sweden

Author(s): Marcus HERZ ; Philip LALANDER


Verhaltensterapie bei erwachsenen Geflüchteten mit Traumafolgestörungen / Behavior therapy in adult refugees with posttraumatic sequelae disorders

Author(s): Jan Ilhan KIZILHAN


Social identity continuity and mental health among Syrian refugees in Turkey

Author(s): Anouk SMEEKES ; Maykel VERKUYTEN ; Elif ÇELEBI ; Ceren ACARTÜRK ; Samed ONKUN


Lives on hold: a qualitative study of young refugees’ resilience strategies

Author(s): Marieke SLEIJPEN ; Trudy MOOREN ; Rolf J KLEBER ; Hennie R BOEIJE


Mental health of children and adolescents in Australian alternate places of immigration detention

Author(s): Ryan ESSEX ; Poonkulali GOVINTHARAJAH

Abstract N/A

Recommendations for Canadian Mental Health Practitioners Working With War-Exposed Immigrants and Refugees

Author(s): Pushpa KANAGARATNAM ; Clare PAIN ; Kwame MCKENZIE ; Nelani RATNALINGAM ; Brenda TONER