Challenges in Treating Undocumented Immigrants

Author(s): Neil Krishan AGGARWAL

Abstract N/A

A Framework for Clinical Practice With Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Seekers

Author(s): Edward J. ALESSI ; Sarilee KAHN


Mental disorders among undocumented Mexican immigrants in high-risk neighborhoods: Prevalence, comorbidity, and vulnerabilities

Author(s): Luz M. GARCINI ; Juan M. PEÑA ; Thania GALVAN ; Christopher P. FAGUNDES ; Vanessa MALCARNE ; Elizabeth A. KLONOFF


Working With Refugees in the U.S.: Trauma-Informed and Structurally Competent Social Work Approaches

Author(s): Jason OSTRANDER ; Alysse MELVILLE ; S. Megan BERTHOLD


“My heart is in his hands”: The lived spiritual experiences of Congolese refugee women survivors of sexual violence

Author(s): Melissa A. SMIGELSKY ; Alison R. GILL ; Deb FOSHAGER ; Jamie D. ATEN ; Hannah IM


Working with Forced Migrants: Therapeutic Issues and Considerations for Mental Health Counselors

Author(s): Adeyinka AKINSULURE-SMITH ; Maile O’HARA


Adolescent Burmese Refugees Perspectives on Determinants of Health

Author(s): Avika DIXIT ; Emily M. MINER ; Sarah E. WIEHE ; Megan S. MCHENRY