Refugee children and adolescents in Greece: two case reports

Author(s): Ignatia FARMAKOPOULOU ; Kalliopi TRIANTAFYLLOU ; Gerasimos KOLAITIS


Re-uniting families in the chaos of the refugee crisis: medico-legal assessment of unaccompanied refugee minors in the Calais Jungle (mental health and legal perspectives)

Author(s): Jacob ELLIS ; Susannah FAIRWEATHER ; Mark SCOTT ; Laura GRIFFITHS


Mental health of children and adolescents in Australian alternate places of immigration detention

Author(s): Ryan ESSEX ; Poonkulali GOVINTHARAJAH

Abstract N/A

Mental health of sub-saharan african migrants: the gendered role of migration paths and transnational ties

Author(s): Julie PANNETIER ; France LERT ; Marie JAUFFRET ROUSTIDE ; Annabel Desgrées DU LOÛ


The centrality of social ties to climate migration and mental health

Author(s): Jacqueline M. TORRES ; Joan A. CASEY


Understanding the Mental Health Consequences of Family Separation for Refugees: Implications for Policy and Practice

Author(s): Alexander MILLER ; Julia Meredith HESS ; Deborah BYBEE ; Jessica R. GOODKIND