Posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid depression among refugees: Assessment of a sample from a German refugee reception center

Author(s): Maria BELZ, Michael BELZ, Ibrahim ÖZKAN, Iris T. GRAEF-CALLIESS


Health, well-being, and urban refugees: an agenda paper

Author(s): Kelly Ann YOTEBIENG


Exploring the relationship between postmigratory stressors and mental health for asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers in the UK

Author(s): Gareth MORGAN ; Steve MELLUISH ; Alice WELHAM


Detainees, staff, and health care services in immigration detention centres: a descriptive comparison of detention systems in Sweden and in the Benelux countries

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“I want a normal life like everyone else”: Daily life of asylum seekers in Iceland

Author(s): Lilja INGVARSSON ; Snæfrídur Thóra EGILSON ; Unnur Dís SKAPTADOTTIR


Tho’ Much is Taken, Much Abides: Asylum Seekers’ Subjective Wellbeing

Author(s): Debbie C. HOCKING


Challenges in Treating Undocumented Immigrants

Author(s): Neil Krishan AGGARWAL

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