General Practitioners’ Experiences of Clinical Consultations With Refugees Suffering From Mental Health Problems

Author(s): Samantha Marie HARRIS, Per-Einar BINDER, Gro Mjeldheim SANDAL


Trauma-affected refugees treated with basic body awareness therapy or mixed physical activity as augmentation to treatment as usual—A pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Maja Sticker NORDBRANDT, Charlotte SONNE, Erik Lykke MORTENSEN, Jessica CARLSSON


Exploring hair steroid concentrations in asylum seekers, internally displaced refugees, and immigrants

Author(s): Thimo BUCHMÜLLER, Hanna LEMBCKE, Julian BUSCH, Robert KUMSTA, Oliver T. WOLF, Birgit LEYENDECKER


Addressing the need for forensic psychological evaluations of asylum seekers: The potential role of the general practitioner

Author(s): Elizabeth SINGER, Meghana ESWARAPPA, Khushmit KAUR, Kim A. BARANOWSKI


Structural and socio-cultural barriers to accessing mental healthcare among Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland

Author(s): Nikolai KISELEV, Monique PFALTZ, Florence HAAS, Matthis SCHICK, Marie KAPPEN, Marit SIJBRANDIJ, Anne M. De GRAAFF, Martha BIRD, Pernille HANSEN, Peter VENTEVOGEL, Daniela C. FUHR, Ulrich SCHNYDER, Naser MORINA


A transgender refugee woman experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and homelessness

Author(s): Alex ABRAMOVICH, June Sing Hong LAM, Muna CHOWDHURY

Abstract N/A

The Long Way to Refugee Status Acquisition and Mental Health in Post-Migration: Based on Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Korea

Author(s): Myeong Sook YOON, Israel Fisseha FEYISSA, Eun Hye JUNG


Reframing resilience: Strengthening continuity of patient care to improve the mental health of immigrants and refugees

Author(s): Lloy WYLIE, Ann Marie CORRADO, Nandni EDWARDS, Meriem BENLAMRI, Daniel E. Murcia MONROY


Parental trajectories of PTSD and child adjustment: Findings from the Building a New Life in Australia study

Author(s): Kyla REID, David BERLE


PTSD in asylum-seekers: Manifestations and relevance to the asylum process

Author(s): Ben MCVANE