Challenges in Treating Undocumented Immigrants

Author(s): Neil Krishan AGGARWAL

Abstract N/A

Somatization among persons with Turkish origin: Results of the pretest of the German National Cohort Study

Author(s): Eva MORAWA ; Nico DRAGANO ; Karl-Heinz JÖCKEL ; Susanne MOEBUS ; Tilman BRAND ; Yesim ERIM


Interactive Effect of Immigration-Related Factors with Legal and Discrimination Acculturative Stress in Predicting Depression Among Asian American Immigrants

Author(s): Shipra SINGH ; Amy Jo SCHULZ ; Harold W. NEIGHBORS ; Derek M. GRIFFITH


Négocier les différences culturelles et langagières en milieu hospitalier / Negotiating differences of culture and language in the hospital setting

Author(s): George Éric JARVIS


Comparing Trauma Exposure, Mental Health Needs, and Service Utilization Across Clinical Samples of Refugee, Immigrant, and U.S.-Origin Children

Author(s): Theresa S. BETANCOURT ; Elizabeth A. NEWNHAM ; Dina BIRMAN ; Robert LEE ; B. Heidi ELLIS ; Christopher M. LAYNE


A Suicide Research Agenda for People from Immigrant and Refugee Backgrounds

Author(s): Erminia COLUCCI ; Lay San TOO ; Harry MINAS