Trauma, Discrimination, and Psychological Distress Across Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants: A Life Course Perspective

Author(s): Isok KIM, Mary KEOVISAI, Wooksoo KIM, Sarah RICHARDS-DESAI, Asli C. YALIM


Migration and social determinants of mental health: Results from the Canadian Health Measures Survey

Author(s): Bukola SALAMI, Maryna YASKINA, Kathleen HEGADOREN, Esperanza DIAZ, Salima MEHERALI, Anu RAMMOHAN, Yoav BEN-SHLOMO


“Just as Canadian as Anyone Else”? Experiences of Second-Class Citizenship and the Mental Health of Young Immigrant and Refugee Men in Canada

Author(s): Carla T. HILARIO ; John L. OLIFFE ; Josephine P. WONG ; Annette J. BROWNE ; Joy L. JOHNSON


Challenges in Treating Undocumented Immigrants

Author(s): Neil Krishan AGGARWAL

Abstract N/A

Somatization among persons with Turkish origin: Results of the pretest of the German National Cohort Study

Author(s): Eva MORAWA ; Nico DRAGANO ; Karl-Heinz JÖCKEL ; Susanne MOEBUS ; Tilman BRAND ; Yesim ERIM


Interactive Effect of Immigration-Related Factors with Legal and Discrimination Acculturative Stress in Predicting Depression Among Asian American Immigrants

Author(s): Shipra SINGH ; Amy Jo SCHULZ ; Harold W. NEIGHBORS ; Derek M. GRIFFITH