Living a Deportation Threat: Anticipatory Stressors Confronted by Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Women

Author(s): San Juanita GARCÍA


Kicks hurt less: Discrimination predicts distress beyond trauma among undocumented Mexican immigrants

Author(s): Luz M. GARCINI, Michelle A. CHEN, Ryan L. BROWN, Thania GALVAN, Levi SAUCEDO, Jodi A. BERGER CARDOSO, Christopher P. FAGUNDES


Deconstructing Immigrant Illegality: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Stress and Health Among Undocumented College Students

Author(s): Laura E. ENRIQUEZ, Martha Morales HERNANDEZ, Annie RO


“They Were Going to Kill Me”: Resilience in Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors

Author(s): Rachel BECKER HERBST, Raha Forooz SABET, Amelia SWANSON, Lauren G. SUAREZ, Denise S. MARQUES, Edward J. AMEEN, Etiony ALDARONDO


Challenges in Treating Undocumented Immigrants

Author(s): Neil Krishan AGGARWAL

Abstract N/A

Mental disorders among undocumented Mexican immigrants in high-risk neighborhoods: Prevalence, comorbidity, and vulnerabilities

Author(s): Luz M. GARCINI ; Juan M. PEÑA ; Thania GALVAN ; Christopher P. FAGUNDES ; Vanessa MALCARNE ; Elizabeth A. KLONOFF


Trauma and Resilience Among Refugee and Undocumented Immigrant Women

Author(s): Rachael D. GOODMAN ; Colleen K. VESELY ; Bethany LETIECQ ; Carol L. CLEAVELAND