Gender Differences in Stressors Related to Migration and Acculturation in Patients with Psychiatric Disorders and Turkish Migration Background

Author(s): Matthias Johannes MÜLLER ; Eckhardt KOCH


A file study of refugee children referred to specialized mental health care: from an individual diagnostic to an ecological perspective

Author(s): Julia VILLANUEVA O’DRISCOLL ; Geertrui SERNEELS ; Lindita IMERAJ


What do register-based studies tell us about migrant mental health? A scoping review

Author(s): Kishan PATEL ; Anne KOUVONEN ; Ciara CLOSE ; Ari VÄÄNÄNEN ; Dermot O’REILLY ; Michael DONNELLY


The mental health status of refugees and asylum seekers attending a refugee health clinic including comparisons with a matched sample of Australian-born residents

Author(s): Frances SHAWYER ; Joanne C. ENTICOTT ; Andrew A. BLOCK ; I-Hao CHENG ; Graham N. MEADOWS


Still on the Margins: Migration, English Language Learning, and Mental Health in Immigrant Psychiatric Patients

Author(s): Allyson EAMER ; Shanti FERNANDO ; Alyson E. KING


Mental health problems of second generation children and adolescents with migration background

Author(s): Veysi CERI ; Zeliha ÖZLÜ-ERKILIC ; Ürün ÖZER ; Tayyib KADAK ; Dietmar WINKLER ; Burak DOGANGÜN ; Türkan AKKAYA-KALAYCI


The mental-health crisis among migrants

Author(s): Alison ABBOTT

Other title: The troubled minds of migrants

Abstract N/A