The Psychological Consequences of Pre-Emigration Trauma and Post-Migration Stress in Refugees and Immigrants from Africa

Author(s): Jennifer L. STEEL ; Andrea C. DUNLAVY ; Collette E. HARDING ; Töres THEORELL


L’incertitude menaçante qui pèse sur les mineurs isolés étrangers : conséquences psychologiques

Author(s): Laure WOESTELANDT, Rahmeth RADJACK, Fatima TOUHAMI, Marie Rose MORO

Abstract N/A

What Can We Expect of the Mental Health and Well-Being of Syrian Refugee Children and Adolescents in Canada?

Author(s): Kristin HADFIELD ; Aly OSTROWSKI ; Michael UNGAR


Acculturation and Post-Migration Psychological Symptoms Among Iraqi Refugees: A Path Analysis

Author(s): Joseph W. LEMASTER ; Carissa L. BROADBRIDGE ; Mark A. LUMLEY ; Judith E. ARNETZ ; Cynthia ARFKEN ; Michael D. FETTERS ; Hikmet JAMIL ; Nnamdi POLE ; Bengt B. ARNETZ


Pre-migration and post-migration factors associated with mental health in humanitarian migrants in Australia and the moderation effect of post-migration stressors: findings from the first wave data of the BNLA cohort study

Author(s): Wen CHEN, Brian J. HALL ; Li LING ; Andre MN RENZAHO