Captive While Waiting to Be Free: Legal Violence and LGBTQ Asylum Applicant Experiences in the USA

Author(s): Cheryl LLEWELLYN


Minority stress, social integration, and the mental health needs of LGBTQ asylum seekers in North America

Author(s): Samara D. FOX, Randi H. GRIFFIN, John E. PACHANKIS


A transgender refugee woman experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and homelessness

Author(s): Alex ABRAMOVICH, June Sing Hong LAM, Muna CHOWDHURY

Abstract N/A

Traumatic Stress Among Sexual and Gender Minority Refugees From the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Who Fled to the European Union

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Author(s): Sarilee KAHN, Edward J. ALESSI, Hanna KIM, Leah WOOLNER, Christina J. OLIVIERI


Coming Out Under the Gun: Exploring the Psychological Dimensions of Seeking Refugee Status for LGBT Claimants in Canada

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A Framework for Clinical Practice With Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Seekers

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Resilience and migration: Experiences of same-sex binational couples in Canada

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Needs of a Silent Minority: Mexican Transgender Asylum Seekers

Author(s): Mary GOWIN ; E. Laurette TAYLOR ; Jamie DUNNINGTON ; Ghadah ALSHUWAIYER ; Marshall K CHENEY


Promoting the wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender forced migrants in Canada: providers’ perspectives

Author(s): Sarilee KAHN ; Edward ALESSI ; Leah WOOLNER ; Hanna KIM ; Christina OLIVIERI