Acculturation and Post-Migration Psychological Symptoms Among Iraqi Refugees: A Path Analysis

Author(s): Joseph W. LEMASTER ; Carissa L. BROADBRIDGE ; Mark A. LUMLEY ; Judith E. ARNETZ ; Cynthia ARFKEN ; Michael D. FETTERS ; Hikmet JAMIL ; Nnamdi POLE ; Bengt B. ARNETZ


Perceptions of legal status: Associations with psychosocial experiences among undocumented Latino/a immigrants

Author(s): Cory L. COBB ; Alan MECA ; Dong XIE ; Seth J. SCHWARTZ ; Rhoda K. MOISE


“It comes down to just how human someone can be”: A qualitative study with young people from refugee backgrounds about their experiences of Australian mental health services

Author(s): Madeleine C. VALIBHOY ; Ida KAPLAN ; Josef SZWARC


Post-traumatic stress disorder in Syrian children of a German refugee camp

Author(s): Seval SOYKOEK ; Volker MALL ; Ina NEHRING ; Peter HENNINGSEN ; Sigrid ABERL

Abstract N/A

Still on the Margins: Migration, English Language Learning, and Mental Health in Immigrant Psychiatric Patients

Author(s): Allyson EAMER ; Shanti FERNANDO ; Alyson E. KING


Racism, Migration, and Mental Health. Theoretical Reflections from Belgium

Author(s): Elise RONDELEZ ; Sarah BRACKE ; Griet ROETS ; Piet BRACKE


Migration und Flucht als Prozess: Theoretische Konzepte und deren klinisch-praktische Bedeutung für die Versorgung traumatisierter Geflüchteter / Flight and migration as a process: Theoretical concepts and their clinical implications for the psychosocial care of traumatized refugee

Author(s): Yuriy NESTERKO ; Heide GLAESMER