Lives on hold: a qualitative study of young refugees’ resilience strategies

Author(s): Marieke SLEIJPEN ; Trudy MOOREN ; Rolf J KLEBER ; Hennie R BOEIJE


Mental health of children and adolescents in Australian alternate places of immigration detention

Author(s): Ryan ESSEX ; Poonkulali GOVINTHARAJAH

Abstract N/A

Migrants, épreuves d’exil et épreuve de l’étranger: accueil de l’altérité et métissage des dispositifs de soins / Migrants, the tests of exil and of the stranger: receiving alterity and intermingling ways of treatment

Author(s): Abdelhak ELGHEZOUANI


Mental health of sub-saharan african migrants: the gendered role of migration paths and transnational ties

Author(s): Julie PANNETIER ; France LERT ; Marie JAUFFRET ROUSTIDE ; Annabel Desgrées DU LOÛ


Recommendations for Canadian Mental Health Practitioners Working With War-Exposed Immigrants and Refugees

Author(s): Pushpa KANAGARATNAM ; Clare PAIN ; Kwame MCKENZIE ; Nelani RATNALINGAM ; Brenda TONER


Interactive Effect of Immigration-Related Factors with Legal and Discrimination Acculturative Stress in Predicting Depression Among Asian American Immigrants

Author(s): Shipra SINGH ; Amy Jo SCHULZ ; Harold W. NEIGHBORS ; Derek M. GRIFFITH


Abuses, resilience, behavioural problems and post-traumatic stress symptoms among unaccompanied migrant minors: an Italian cross-sectional exploratory study

Author(s): Claudio LONGOBARDI ; Tommaso Gabriele VERONESI ; Laura Elvira PRINO