Refugees and asylum seekers from Darfur: The escape and life in Israel

Author(s): Vered SLONIM-NEVO ; Maya LAVIE-AJAYI


Refugee Trauma: Culturally Responsive Counseling Interventions

Author(s): Fred BEMAK ; Rita Chi-Ying CHUNG


The Psychological Consequences of Pre-Emigration Trauma and Post-Migration Stress in Refugees and Immigrants from Africa

Author(s): Jennifer L. STEEL ; Andrea C. DUNLAVY ; Collette E. HARDING ; Töres THEORELL


L’incertitude menaçante qui pèse sur les mineurs isolés étrangers : conséquences psychologiques

Author(s): Laure WOESTELANDT, Rahmeth RADJACK, Fatima TOUHAMI, Marie Rose MORO

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