Gender differences in response to war-related trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder – a study among the Congolese refugees in Uganda

Author(s): Herbert E. AINAMANI, Thomas ELBERT, David Kani OLEMA, Tobias HECKER


A transgender refugee woman experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and homelessness

Author(s): Alex ABRAMOVICH, June Sing Hong LAM, Muna CHOWDHURY

Abstract N/A

Mental Health of Refugee Children and Youth: Epidemiology, Interventions, and Future Directions

Author(s): Rochelle L. FROUNFELKER, Diana MICONI, Jordan FARRAR, Mohamad Adam BROOKS, Cécile ROUSSEAU, Theresa S. BETANCOURT


Resilience of African migrant women: Implications for mental health practice

Author(s): Olutoyin O. BABATUNDE‐SOWOLE, Michelle DIGIACOMO, Tamara POWER, Patricia M. DAVIDSON, Debra JACKSON


The Mental Health Implications of Living in the Shadows: The Lived Experience and Coping Strategies of Undocumented African Migrant Women

Author(s): Oluwatoyin OLUKOTUN, Kaboni GONDWE, Lucy MKANDAWIRE-VALHMU


Triggering Safe Attachment Waves to Foster Healing in International Protection-Seeking Environments

Author(s): Virginia FERNÁNDEZ


A Model Psychosocial Support Training and Workshop during a Medical Mission for Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan: Techniques, Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Author(s): Judy KURIANSKY