Mental health of children held at a United States immigration detention center

Author(s): Sarah A. MACLEAN, Priscilla O. AGYEMAN, Joshua WALTHER, Elizabeth K. SINGER, Kim A. BARANOWSKI, Craig L. KATZ


Undocumented migrants’ life situations: An exploratory analysis of quality of life and living conditions in a sample of undocumented migrants living in Norway

Author(s): Trine MYHRVOLD, Milada C. SMASTUEN


Santé mentale des exilés en France : entre impuissance et créativité

Author(s): Marie-Caroline SAGLIO-YATZIMIRSKY, Laure WOLMARK

Abstract N/A

Psychological practice with unaccompanied immigrant minors: Clinical and legal considerations

Author(s): Amanda NEMOYER, Trinidad RODRIGUEZ, Kiara ALVAREZ


Mental health needs and services for migrants: an overview for primary care providers

Author(s): Cécile ROUSSEAU, Rochelle FROUNFELKER


Undocumented adult migrants in Sweden: mental health and associated factors

Author(s):  Lena M.C. ANDERSSON, Anders HJERN, Henry ASCHER


“A high price paid”: Migration-related loss and distress among undocumented Mexican immigrants

Author(s): Luz M. GARCINI, Thania GALVAN, Juan M. PEÑA, Elizabeth A. KLONOFF, Deborah PARRA-MEDINA, Khadija ZIAUDDIN, Christopher P. FAGUNDES