Trauma, Post-Migration Stress, and Mental Health: A Comparative Analysis of Refugees and Immigrants in the United States

Author(s): Cindy C. SANGALANG, David BECERRA, Felicia M. MITCHELL, Stephanie LECHUGA-PEÑA, Kristina LOPEZ, Isok KIM


Kicks hurt less: Discrimination predicts distress beyond trauma among undocumented Mexican immigrants

Author(s): Luz M. GARCINI, Michelle A. CHEN, Ryan L. BROWN, Thania GALVAN, Levi SAUCEDO, Jodi A. BERGER CARDOSO, Christopher P. FAGUNDES


Effects of Ethnic Identity on the Relationship Between Mental Health and Perceived Discrimination Among Ethnic Return Migrants: The Case of Korean Chinese Return-Migrated to South Korea

Author(s): Jihyung HONG


Discrimination and distress among Afghan refugees in northern California: The moderating role of pre- and post-migration factors

Author(s): Qais ALEMI, Carl STEMPEL


Trauma, Discrimination, and Psychological Distress Across Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants: A Life Course Perspective

Author(s): Isok KIM, Mary KEOVISAI, Wooksoo KIM, Sarah RICHARDS-DESAI, Asli C. YALIM


Refugee Health: An Ongoing Commitment and Challenge

Author(s): Jimmy T. EFIRD, Pollie BITH-MELANDER


Trajectoires migratoires et expériences de soin en santé mentale

Author(s): Daria ROSTIROLLA

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