Traumatic life events and severity of posttraumatic stress disorder among syrian refugees residing in a camp in turkey

Author(s): Eser SAGALTICI, Abdurrahman ALTINDAG, Vedat SAR


Feasibility of a trauma-informed parent–teacher cooperative training program for Syrian refugee children with autism

Author(s): Sarah DABABNAH, Serene HABAYEB, Benjamin J BEAR, Dana HUSSEIN


Migrations Matrimoniales: Facteurs de Risque en Santé Mentale

Author(s): Altay MANCO, Ertugrul TAS


Transcultural differences of psychologically traumatised children and adolescents

Author(s): Amesh K. SHRESTHA, Zeliha ÖZLÜ-ERKILIC, Christian POPOW, Susanne OHMANN, Türkan AKKAYA-KALAYCI


EMDR Group Treatment of Children Refugees – A Field Study

Author(s): Sava PERILLI, Alessandro GIULIANI, Marco PAGANI, Gian Paolo MAZZONI, Giada MASLOVARIC, Bruna MACCARRONE, Vissam Hamza MAHASNEH, Diana MORALES


Determination of psychosocial conditions of refugee children living in society

Author(s): Emriye Hilal YAYAN, Mehmet Emin DÜKEN


Prevalence of war-related adverse events, depression and anxiety among Syrian refugee children settled in Turkey

Author(s): Hasan KANDEMIR, Hülya KARATAŞ, Veysi ÇERI, Filiz SOLMAZ, Sultan Basmacı KANDEMIR, Abdullah SOLMAZ

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