Creative expression workshops as Psychological First Aid (PFA) for asylum-seeking children: An exploratory study in temporary shelters in Montreal

Author(s): Júlia de Freitas GIRARDI, Diana MICONI, Claire LYKE, Cécile ROUSSEAU


Understanding the Effects of Involuntary Migration on Family Relationships: Meaning Construction by Parents and Service Providers

Author(s): Lynda M. ASHBOURNE, Sahar ATALLA, Abir Al JAMAL, Mohammed BAOBAID


Minority stress, social integration, and the mental health needs of LGBTQ asylum seekers in North America

Author(s): Samara D. FOX, Randi H. GRIFFIN, John E. PACHANKIS


A transgender refugee woman experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and homelessness

Author(s): Alex ABRAMOVICH, June Sing Hong LAM, Muna CHOWDHURY

Abstract N/A

Reframing resilience: Strengthening continuity of patient care to improve the mental health of immigrants and refugees

Author(s): Lloy WYLIE, Ann Marie CORRADO, Nandni EDWARDS, Meriem BENLAMRI, Daniel E. Murcia MONROY


Understanding Mental Health and Identity from Syrian Refugee Adolescents’ Perspectives

Author(s): Tali FILLER, Katholiki GEORGIADES, Nazilla KHANLOU, Olive WAHOUSH


Multiple Traumas, Health Problems and Resilience among Haitian Asylum Seekers in Canada’s 2017 Migration Crisis: Psychopathology of Crossing

Author(s): Jude Mary CÉNAT, Carlo Handy CHARLES, Philmona KEBEDOM


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Social Support and Coping Among Afghan Refugees in Canada

Author(s): Farah AHMAD, Nasih OTHMAN, Wendy LOU


“I tend to forget bad things”: Immigrant and refugee young men’s narratives of distress

Author(s): Carla T. HILARIO, John L. OLIFFE, Josephine P. WONG, Annette J. BROWNE, Joy L. JOHNSON


Psychological capital and life satisfaction of refugees in Canada: Evidence from a community-based educational support program

Author(s): Jaswant BAJWA, Mulugeta ABAI, Sidonia COUTO, Sean KIDD, Aytak DIBAVAR, Kwame MCKENZIE