Financial Stress and Depression Among African Refugees in the Southern United States: A Serial Multiple Mediation Analysis of Financial Self-Efficacy and Financial Anxiety

Author(s): Youn Kyoung KIM, Younghee LIM, Arati MALEKU, Njeri KAGOTHO, Miyoun YANG

As part of a larger community-based participatory research project exploring the postresettlement challenges of African refugees in the southern United States, our study investigated the phenomenon of financial stress and its relationship to mental health through a mediating chain of factors—financial self-efficacy and financial anxiety. Results revealed the mediating role of financial self-efficacy and financial anxiety on the relationship between financial stress and depressive symptoms. Findings provide discourses around financial stress and mental health in the migration context, critical to recognizing the unique experiences of African refugees and informing culturally responsive programs for financial inclusion and economic integration.


Keywords: Financial stressfinancial self-efficacyfinancial anxietydepressionAfrican refugees

Tags: African refugeess, Depression, Stress, United States, Financial stress

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