Building on Resiliencies of Refugee Families

Author(s): Mary FABIO, Lisa D. PARKER, Meera B. SIDDARTH


Clinicians should recognize the strengths and resiliencies of their refugee patients and build on those in the clinical relationship.
Clinicians should be aware that the refugee experience is informed by stressors throughout the resettlement process, from the home country, to the transit country, and finally to the United States.
Strong family bonds and a connection to community members from the same country of origin help to build resilience within refugee families.
Clinicians play an important role in helping refugee patients navigate the complex medical system and to develop self-advocacy.

KEYWORDS: Resiliency, Refugee, Culturally responsive care, Pediatric care, Trauma-informed care, Self-advocacy

Tags:  Refugees, United States, Families, Resettlement, Mental Health, Stress, Resilience, Trauma

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