Characteristics of Abused Immigrant Women with Children Who Obtain Legal Immigrant Status: Implications for Frontline Intervention Strategies

Author(s): Angeles NAVA, Judith MCFARLANE, John MADDOUX, Heidi GILROY, Nora MONTALVO-LIENDO, Weidan ZHOU


The purpose of this paper is to explore the association of the characteristics of abused immigrant women and approval of legal immigrant status. The research is based on 44 month follow-up data of a subsample of 94 abused immigrant women in the U.S. The findings show that there is a significant relationship between acculturation, anxiety, and emotional support and legal immigrant status. The paper concludes that abused immigrant women who apply for legal status are more acculturated, more anxious, and have less emotional support. Implications for front line providers are discussed.


KEYWORDS: Intimate partner violenceimmigrant womenlegal statusAcculturationmental health

Tags: Women, Refugees, Anxiety, United States, Acculturation, Violence, Mental Health

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