Trauma of terror and displacement: A narrative analysis of mental health of women IDPS in KPK (Pakistan)

Author(s): Neelam EHSAN, Mahnazir RIAZ, Tahir KHALILY


The present study examined the posttraumatic effects of terrorism on women, internally displaced from Federally administered tribal areas of Pakistan (FATA). The sample comprised of 130 women temporarily placed in Jalozai camps in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Posttraumatic stress disorder scale (PTSD) was used to assess the mental health of respondents. The results revealed that most women were experiencing PTSD symptoms and 41% met the criteria for overall diagnosis of PTSD. Findings further revealed age as a significant predictor of PTSD among women IDPs. The need for practical projects to help internally displaced women is discussed.

Tags: Pakistan, Internal displacement, Women, Traumatic life events, PTSD

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