Health Realization Community Coping Intervention for Somali Refugee Women

Author(s): Cheryl L. ROBERTSON, Linda HALCON, Sarah J. HOFFMAN, Nadifa OSMAN, Amin MOHAMED, Eunice AREBA, Kay SAVIK, Michelle A. MATHIASON


Health Realization (HR) is a strengths-based stress and coping intervention used to promote the use of internal and external coping resources. Our three-arm comparison group trial examined the effects of a culturally adapted Somali HR intervention on coping and mental health outcomes in 65 Somali refugee women post-resettlement. Subjects participated one of three conditions: HR intervention, nutrition attention-control, and evaluation-control. The HR intervention significantly affected multiple dimensions of coping: WAYS-distancing (p = 0.038), seeking social support (p = 0.042), positive reappraisal (p = 0.001); and Refugee Appraisal and Coping Experience Scale-Internal subscale (p = 0.045). The HR intervention also demonstrated improvement in depression symptom ratings (p = 0.079). We discuss findings from the pilot, challenges encountered conducting a three-arm comparison group trial, and implications for further research involving the HR intervention with culturally diverse refugee communities.


Somali, Refugee, Health Realization, Coping intervention, Resilience 

Tags: Somalia, United States, Refugees, Women, Intervention, Coping strategies, Community, Gender, Resilience

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