The effects of migration on family relationships: case studies

Author(s): Julia BUCHER-MALUSCHKE ; Maria de Fatima GONDIM ; Janari DA SILVA PEDROSO


This article discusses the impacts of internal migration on families, specifically on emotional bonds and mental health, and relates the process of change and life trajectory of migration mobility within a population.

This was a qualitative study on two case studies taken from family psychotherapy.

The analyses indicate the splitting and forming of emotional bonds, the psychological illness caused by intrasubjective, intersubjective and transubjective conflicts, and the transgenerational dynamics which all repeat themselves within the families of today. We conclude that, in many cases, migration turns into one of the contingencies of life that can cause psychological disorganization.

The complexity and diversity of migration reveals a myriad of reasons, densities, directions, spatialities and temporalities of that are part of a contemporary study.

Contribuition to therapeutic processes for aid to migrants and their families

The focus of the study on therapeutic processes and their repercutions.

Tags: Families, Internal displacement, Psychotherapy

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