Culturally responsive play therapy with Somali refugees

Author(s): Thomas KILLIAN ; Betty CARDONA ; Edward F. HUDSPETH


The recent influx of Somali refugees to the United States has created a significant need for play therapists to develop culturally sensitive interventions. Client-centered play therapy (CCPT) provides therapists with an accessible and multiculturally sensitive approach that seems a natural fit for working with Somali refugee children. The role of Islam, collectivist views, gender roles, cultural taboos, and toy selection all affect the way clinicians can connect with this population. CCPT’s underlying tenets are a potential starting place to begin to address Somali refugee children’s specific needs. CCPT offers a foundation from which multiculturally sensitive play therapy can be built.

Tags: USA, Somalia, Children, Refugees, Therapy, Play therapy, Children’s play, Cultural adaptation

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