Migration experience, resilience and depression: a study of Iranian immigrants living in Australia

Author(s): Ashraf HOSSEINI ; Ritsuko KAKUMA ; Mehdi GHAZINOUR ; Melanie DAVERN ; William. P. EVANS ; Harry MINAS



The challenges of migration can jeopardize mental health, but also can provide opportunities for growth. This study investigated the association between levels of depression and socio-demographic and migration variables, and the role of resilience as a mediator between these features. A cross-sectional study was conducted of 182 Iranian immigrants living across Australia who completed an online questionnaire. Higher levels of depression were found in participants who were unemployed, experienced high levels of discrimination, had an incomplete tertiary education, and were younger and unmarried (p < 0.05). Higher levels of education, experience of moderate levels of discrimination and being married were associated with lower levels of depression mediated by resilience. Higher levels of depression were correlated with lower levels of resilience (r = −0.50, p < 0.001). The results of this study suggest several possible approaches to prevention of depression in immigrants. These may include improving employment opportunities, reducing discrimination, approaches that reduce the stress of the settlement process and interventions that aim to strengthen resilience.

KEYWORDS: Depressionresiliencesocio-demographic and migration variablesIranian immigrants in Australia

Tags: Iran, Australia, Depression, Resilience, Social determinants, Employment, Education, Discrimation

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