Challenges and coping strategies of refugees: Exploring residual Liberian refugees’ experiences in Ghana

Author(s):Mavis DAKO-GYEKE ; Ernestina ADU


This study explored the challenges and coping strategies among Liberian refugees in Ghana. Using a qualitative research design, 40 participants were purposively recruited at a refugee settlement in Ghana. Four focus group discussions and sixteen in-depth interviews were conducted. The focus group discussions and in-depth interviews were audio-taped, transcribed, coded, and analyzed thematically based on the objectives of the study. The findings indicated that the refugees experienced challenges related to disruption in social networks, disputes over resources, high rate of unemployment, and increased level of criminal activities. The study also revealed that the refugees included in this study resorted to religion, spirituality, and income earning activities as their coping strategies. The findings offer insights for social workers, policy actors, and future research.


Keywords Coping, migration, refugees, spirituality, faith, focus group

Tags: Refugees, Ghana, Liberia, Religion, Employment, Coping strategies

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