Stress appraisal, information processing strategies, and somatic symptoms: A longitudinal study with immigrants

Author(s): Agnes SZABO ; Colleen WARD ; Garth J. O. FLETSCHER


The study investigated threat versus challenge appraisals of acculturative stressors and their impact on the changes in psychological symptoms. It also examined information processing styles (informational, normative, and diffuse-avoidant) as moderators of these relationships. A 6-month longitudinal study with two measuring points was conducted with a sample of immigrants. Threat appraisal was associated with more psychological symptoms, and challenge appraisal interacted with information processing styles to predict the changes in somatic symptoms. Analytical and exploratory informational styles enhanced the positive effects of challenge appraisal on psychological symptoms, whereas styles involving avoidance and normative orientation to one’s home country dampened these positive effects.

Tags: Challenge appraisal, Immigrants, Psychological symptoms, Somatic symptoms, Information processing styles

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